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The Results Are In! The many benefits of the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet.

In this edition of my Empowerment Wellness and Connection newsletter (#5)

I will be featuring:-

● The Results Are In! The many benefits of my 8-week Blood Sugar Diet

● Have you heard of The Glucose Revolution?

● How Past Life Regression Improves your Health and Well Being

● What’s Lighting Me Up!

It was lovely to talk with many of you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in late April. Welcome to new subscribers.

If you wish to read some of my previous newsletters you will find them at


My blood test results are in! In my previous newsletter, I shared with you the details of my miraculous rapid weight loss. You can revisit it here

As well as losing 16 kgs now and no longer needing blood pressure medication, my blood tests show that my liver function is now normal for the first time in 15 years.

My Chol/HDL ratio is now in the healthy range and my triglycerides are down by 50% and firmly in the healthy range.

My blood sugar is greatly improved. The HbA1c is 5.6% indicating it is very well controlled. The fasting glucose result is down from 7.2 to 6.6 mmo1/L so still some work to do there. According to Professor Roy Taylor, it takes up to a year for your pancreas to return to full health after losing a substantial amount of visceral fat.

I am now keeping my intake of sweet foods to small amounts of high fibre unprocessed foods and low-carb fruits such as apples, pears and berries. I am also following the blood sugar spike lowering strategies from the book, The Glucose Revolution, which I share below.

I am keen to share the discoveries I have made along the way and that I am still making, as I transition to maintaining this weight loss lifelong. Email me at if you would like to receive this information sheet.


The Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe was a timely recommendation from my naturopath. To quote Dr Michael Mosley, “Jessie offers a detailed understanding of the problem which faces so many of us – how to balance our blood sugar levels – along with simple and accessible science-based hacks which really could help you transform your health”. It is easy to read and understand. Just released this year, it is available at all good bookshops or you can ask your library to get it in.

I have incorporated some of her hacks into my diet. For instance, the order in which I eat salad, vegetables, protein, fats and starch; I eat dessert not sweet snacks; when I eat breakfast it is always savoury; if I am tempted to snack it will be savoury; and I put ‘clothes’ on my carbs (If you acquire the book, putting ‘clothes’ on carbs is under Hack 10). Since incorporating these into my maintenance diet I have lost another kilogram without really trying.

You can access some amazing advice and case studies on Instagram at glucosegoddess


So many of the people I spoke to at the Mind Body Spirit Festival were interested in Past Life Regression. I enjoyed sharing some stories of the benefits my clients and I personally have experienced as a result of past life regression.

When I first read Dr Brian Weiss’s book Many Lives Many Masters, in the ’80s, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would meet and be trained by him

in person. What spoke to me when I read his book was how those people experiencing regressions were able to heal at such a deep level. A couple of decades later practicing as a Progressive Kinesiologist, I was treating past life miasms (an imprint, taint or memory acquired, inherited, or from a past life) causing dis-ease in the present. I also used Past Life Essences which point to the type of past life experience that may be holding you back in this lifetime.

When I saw that Dr Weiss would be teaching a course in Melbourne in November 2019, I “knew” that I had to do it.

Click here to learn what a Past Life Regression with me looks like, have

your frequently asked questions answered, find out if you have already experienced past life fragments in dream or waking state, and read a personal past life experience of mine.

Please ring me on 0417627502 or email me at if you would like to book a Past Life Regression session or wish to ask any questions.


The next round of Making Magic Real is starting in August 2022. Please reply to this email or SMS 0417627502 to be put on the waitlist.

To book an Intuitive Wellness Session or Past Life Regression, please call or SMS 0417 627 502 or email me at

Warmest regards


P.S. Here are the ways you can enlist my services and support for your healing journey towards your life and work aspirations:

1. 90 minute Intuitive Wellness Session

Read more and book here

2. Past Life Regression Package.

Read more and book here

3. Making Magic Real Course

Read more here

4. Private Mentoring (Read above, reply to this email, or contact me direct on +61 (0)417 627 502)

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