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Progressive Kinesiology

Progressive Kinesiology treats the individual (Mental, Chemical, Physical and Energy) rather than the presenting symptom and works of the premise that the body has an innate healing intelligence that can be activated by bringing the body into balance. 


The client lies fully clothed on a treatment couch.   Muscle testing allows your body to communicate with the Kinesiologist to ascertain the type of correction it requires to bring it into balance and allow healing to occur.  

Progressive Kinesiology aims to empower the individual to take responsibility for their own health. It identifies lifestyle and nutritional changes and ongoing supports such as affirmations and flower essences, to improve and maintain your good health and well being. Kinesiology is suitable for all ages.

During a  treatment your body may test as needing mental, chemical, physical or energy corrections.

Chemical Factors

Chemical factors include nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, allergic reactions, hormonal imbalances, toxicity and blood sugar imbalances. These can all cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, IBS, skin conditions and more.  I am able to test for sensitivity to hundreds of different substances.

Energy Factors

An energy imbalance occurs when energy is not flowing around the body correctly. Kinesiology tests for over and under energy in the body's circuits, aura balancing, centering, ionisation and left & right brain integration.  I can test and balance relevant  Chakras and Meridians that will help your condition. Reiki is also a valuable energy correction.

Physical Factors

Physical factors include imbalances in the joints and muscles which can cause poor posture, aches and pains.  Kinesiology can identify weak and tight muscles and cranial faults.  I use neurolymphatic points to stimulate lymph and blood to the area to support your condition.  

A single treatment may be all that is necessary, although is it often most effective to have several treatments when focusing on issues of long standing.

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