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Feeling Stuck? Sedona Technique to the Rescue!

In this edition of my Empowerment Wellness and Connection newsletter (#7) I will be featuring:-

● Feeling Stuck? Sedona Technique to the Rescue!

● Magnesium is not just for Muscles?

● Is Environmental Stress Affecting Your Health?

● What’s Lighting Me Up!


The Sedona Technique is a wonderful technique to help you move forward in life with your desires and aspirations. It is used to clear feelings held in the body at the cellular level that may be holding you back, emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, remorse, fright, or even feelings that may have no description or label. The feelings may relate to present day occurrences or at any age during your life, in utero or a past life.

Sedona is a very gentle process. Gradually the feeling changes or moves and finally leaves the body. When the feeling doesn’t want to leave, muscle testing will indicate a secondary gain, an avoidance strategy, or the need for a flower essence, an affirmation or Five Elements emotion, to assist. When the feeling is gone, you can choose a new feeling to breathe into the space that has been left; breathing love, peace, joy or contentment, into every cell of your body.

If you would like to book an Intuitive Wellness Session please call or SMS 0417 627 502 or email me at


Did you know that Magnesium plays an important role in not only skeletal muscles but also the heart and brain? It is important in metabolic functions, energy metabolism, regulation of calcium levels, and the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function, neurotransmitters, bone strength, heart rhythm, blood sugar metabolism (energy), memory, absorption of Vit C and the immune system.

A deficiency is associated with muscle spasms but also with nervousness, anxiety, numbness and tingling, broken nails, fatigue, confusion, and prone to anger.

Natural sources of magnesium are whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, molasses, dried fruit, honey, soybeans, seeds and sprouts.

Consumption of alcohol, diuretics, coffee, tea, and being stressed, all deplete us of magnesium.

In a Kinesiology or Intuitive Wellness session, I muscle test to see whether your vitamin and mineral levels are deficient, balanced or in excess. I also test for food sensitivities to find any foods that may be draining your energy.


We humans are energy beings and in our modern world, we are subject to many different types of energy.

Humans operate at frequencies between 2 – 12 hertz

Normal household electricity supply is between 50-60 hertz

Mobile Phones operate at 900 megahertz

Microwave ovens – 2 ½ billion hertz

Natural Earth frequency – 1-30 hertz

Storm lightning – 1000 hertz

Man-made EMR is pulsing at a completely different level to natural EMR.

Mobile phones operate on radio waves and microwaves. The handsets and towers (base stations) both emit radiation. Many of my clients presenting with stress and sleep issues, muscle test as being affected by Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). They often report that they sleep with their mobile phone turned on, by the head of the bed. When they turn the phone off or leave it charging in the bathroom or kitchen, they generally have the best night’s sleep they have had in years.

During a Kinesiology or Intuitive Wellness Session I test for not only EMR but also Geopathic Stress caused by environmental pollution and man-made energy disturbance (public utilities, wells, reclaimed land, mining operations, railway lines, underground transport systems); and Geopsychic Stress which can include traumatic events in the building or on the land/site, entities, negativity from former occupants, negative attachments etc.

Jasper and Malachite crystals can be used to clear all forms of Environmental Stress. Sodalite, Lepidolite and Black Tourmaline are also good for clearing EMR as well. You can place these on your computer desk, near your microwave oven, television and other electrical appliances.

I recommend the Orgone Effects mobile phone and wifi harmonizer. I have one on my phone and I have had the benefits of the harmonizer tested on myself by a fellow Kinesiologist. It was an impressive demonstration of how it protects your meridian energy. It is also suitable for watches, Fitbits and the like, laptops, tablets and Bluetooth ear pods. You can read more about it on the Orgone Effects website HERE

What’s lighting Me Up

I have just finished listening to the Audible version of Emma Carey’s amazing memoir of her miracle survival, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky.

Emma was travelling in Switzerland aged 20, when a tandem parachute jump went terribly wrong and she and her instructor fell 10,000 feet to earth and both miraculously survived.

It is a story of courage, resilience, and connecting with her true self to triumph over adversity. Emma has learned to walk again despite having no feeling below the waist. She is living life to the full. Through this book and in many other ways, she shares her strength and belief with others.

A truly inspiring story! I can not recommend it enough.

To book an Kinesiology or Intuitive Wellness Session or Past Life Regression, please call or SMS 0417 627 502 or email me at

Warmest regards


P.S. Here are the ways you can enlist my services and support for your healing journey towards your life and work aspirations:

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2. Past Life Regression Package.

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3. Making Magic Real Course

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4. Private Mentoring (Read above, reply to this email, or contact me direct on +61 (0)417 627 502)

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