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Past Life Regression

Due to increased interest in Past Life Regression as a form of facilitating healing of health issues, relationships and stalled career paths from clients, I am now offering Past Life Regression Sessions as a separate service.

My latest blog tells you more about this fascinating therapy including a personal experience of mine, explains what a Past Life Regression session with me looks like, answers some Frequently Asked Questions and outlines the benefits - what you can get out of it.


Past Life Regression sessions are recommended in a bundle of 2 – 3 sessions in order to explore the depth of the issue you are looking to resolve and to allow any hidden aspects to surface in between (we will know after the first session whether you require 1 or 2 more).

Initial Session (2 hours) - $195


3 Session Package available on request.

(Includes a meditation to use in between sessions to help hidden aspects to surface and to enhance your Past Life Regression experience).

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