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My Approach

I enjoy working with people of all ages and hold a Blue Card for working with children.  Kinesiology is a effective way of treating children as their bodies can communicate their needs through muscle testing at any age.  When treating young children or babies, I carry out the muscle testing using Mum or Dad as surrogate for the child.

Kinesiology and Reiki support those with life challenging illnesses so well, balancing their bodies around their medicall treatments,  to achieve the best outcomes for their Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Reiki is a very gentle but powerful modality healing the phyisical and energy bodies. I teach all levels of Reiki.  Clients can learn and be attuned to use Reiki for their self-care  and treat their friends and family.

I often have clients' loved ones in Spirit come to me before their appointment, taking a keen and loving interest in their family member or friend.  Their love, humour  and desire to connect is a favourite part of my work.  A Psychic Mediumship reading and/or Intuitive Wellness session allows time for this connection.


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