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Curiosity! The Secret To A Long Healthy Life

In this edition of my Empowerment Wellness and Connection newsletter (#8) I will be featuring:-

● The Timeless Wisdom of The Power of Intention

● Curiosity! Possibly The Most Important Factor in Living a Long Healthy Life

● Love is the most powerful force in the Universe

● What’s Lighting Me Up!


Earlier this year I happened across a Dr Wayne Dyer video on YouTube and was reminded that I owned his book The Power of Intention in Kindle form. It was one of his books that inspired me to change my life completely, letting go of fears, perceptions not serving me and changing my career, becoming a Kinesiologist in 2013, and so much more.

I bought the Audible version so I could listen to it while driving. Very quickly I realised that I had to have the paperback and incorporate some of this timeless advice and wisdom into my Making Magic Real course, and also refresh it in my own life too. Each time I read and listen to it I find something new that is just what I need at the present time.

This is fantastic holiday reading that will bring great positive, loving, joyful changes to your life in 2023!


Curiosity is a powerful energetic force that keeps us energised, interested, and alive to the possibilities in our world. It keeps us focused on the present moment, anticipating new developments, solutions and creative expansion in our world, and the world at large.

Curiosity exercises our mental and physical “muscles”. This is so important for good health and longevity, ensuring we continue to evolve in dynamic and satisfying ways.

Set yourself the challenge each day to explore something you are curious about, be it technical, artistic, a physical challenge, an opportunity to helps others, or learning more about something you are passionate about. One of the spinoff effects can be the social support systems you develop as you meet others similarly inspired.

Become dedicated to making today the best time in your life.


“Life is Love and Love is Life. What keeps the body together but love? What is desire but the love of the self? What is knowledge but love of truth? The means and the forms maybe wrong, but the motive behind is always love – love of the me and the mine. The me and the mine may be small or may explode and embrace the whole universe, but love remains.

(Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It can heal, inspire and bring us closer to our Higher Self. Love is an eternal and never-ending gift to ourselves and others, and when we truly experience love, we find ourselves.

May an abundance of love engulf you,

inspire you, and heal you and your loved ones

this Christmas and always.

What’s lighting Me Up!

This week I watched the movie, Love Heals It follows the journey of Dana, a chronic pain sufferer in search of healing, and her partner Krisanna, a filmmaker, as they travel the country together in America, to understand how this ancient mind-body energy principle has helped so many heal, and to see what is possible for people experiencing these practices for the first time.

The film balances the research of acclaimed scientists like Bruce Lipton with the wisdom of globally renowned energy healers.I found it an inspiring and fascinating film, well worth paying US $15 to watch and re-watch it.

I am excited to learn more from Ilchi Lee's book Water Up Fire Down which I have ordered from Booktopia I can't wait for it to arrive!

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I will be taking a break from the 21st December until the clinic reopens Monday 9th January 2023.

Warmest regards


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