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Past Life Regression

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

When I first read Dr Brian Weiss’s book Many Lives Many Masters, in the ’80s, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would meet and be trained by him in person. What spoke to me when I read his book was how those experiencing regressions were able to heal at such a deep level. A couple of decades later, and practicing as a Progressive Kinesiologist, I was treating past life miasms (an imprint, taint or memory acquired, inherited, or from a past life) causing dis-ease in the present.

When I saw that Dr Weiss would be teaching a course in Melbourne late last year, I “knew” that I had to do it. When I wondered if it meant studying hypnotherapy, my guides quickly confirmed through meditation and automatic writing, that I would be using both my NLP Conversational Hypnosis and Mediumship to facilitate my clients’ past life regressions.

I teach a very practical Intuitive Skills Development Level 1 course where you can learn to develop your Claircognisance = Clear Knowing and develop your connection to your higher self and your guides through automatic writing so that you are able to receive clear guidance on making decisions like this one.

As I was preparing for my trip to Melbourne to attend the training, I experienced a few spontaneous regressions and I want to share one of them with you, as an example of the healing that comes from them. Last year two dear friends passed into non-physical within 2 weeks of each other. One I had known for 30 years the other for 5 years. I had worked with each of them to help them with their chronic illnesses and I still felt very connected to them after they passed. I missed them greatly and was feeling the loss of their physical presence.

I was about to have a meeting with my very well connected (spiritually) mentor, and I had a pain in my left side surface that I have had off and on for most of my life. It wasn’t muscular or circulatory. I would go months without feeling it at all. It was never there long enough or severe enough to ask a medical professional.

My mentor asked me about the pain and suggested I close my eyes. Could I see anything? I saw myself with a group of young men who appeared to be readying themselves to do battle with someone. It was arid terrain, somewhat mountainous and very hot. They were mounting their horses, and I was about to mount mine when they stopped me. In that moment as I watched the scene, I became aware that I was female. In the next moment, one of them speared me in the side and killed me. My overwhelming thought was “What did I do wrong?” A bit of a recurring question in my current lifetime, interestingly. I felt no pain and I received immediate guidance that they were going into battle and could not take me. They also knew that I would die of exposure or starvation if they just left me and that it would be a fate worse than death if the enemy found me. They had killed me out of love and concern for me. I was overwhelmed by the love that I could feel surrounding me.

My mentor asked what could I see now? I was walking up a dusty dirt track leading upward when I was greeted by my friends who had recently passed. It was so unexpected. I could see other family and friends in spirit behind them but they wanted me to know that they had been there for me when I had passed in that lifetime. I burst into tears, happy “cup runneth over” tears and knew that they were truly part of my soul family and that we had agreed to meet up in my current life to help each other.

I only experienced that pain once more and thought back about the reason for it and the love that came through that spontaneous regression. I have not felt it again. It has served its purpose. I know I didn’t do anything wrong and that knowledge has flowed into my present life. I know that my dear friends are only a thought away.


· I take a Health History and discuss with you what you hope to get out of your Past Life Regression sessions.

· I ensure that you are hydrated, centered and comfortable.

· We commence with you listening to me as I use a conversational hypnosis induction that leads you into a relaxed state, first visiting a happy time from childhood or a childhood memory you wish to understand and heal from.

· We return to that relaxed state before visiting your birth or prenatal memories.

· Again, returning to the very relaxed state before stepping through the door to past life memories. You will be relaxed with your eyes closed. You can open them at any time, but you do not need to.

· As past life memories come up, you will be able to tell me about them and I will be able to ask questions related to your intention for the session, as discussed prior.

· If you feel any discomfort you can float up out of the experience and observe it from up above. My role is to facilitate a safe and healing experience for you at all times during the session.

· During a Past Life Regression session, you may sometimes experience the time between lifetimes. As you recount what you are experiencing, I will again ask questions to deepen your experience.

· You may meet with a beautiful Spiritual Being or Loved One and receive guidance and healing from them.

· As the session draws to a close, I will gradually bring your awareness back to the present time-space. You will feel relaxed and remember all that you have experienced (all that you have seen, heard, felt).

· Past Life Essences may be used before and during the session to facilitate a deeper Past Life Regression experience or after the session to deepen the healing response.


Are the Past Life Regression sessions held in person or online?

Past Life Regression sessions are only held in person. The clinic will be sanitised and linen replaced in between treatments. I will have hand sanistiser and antibacterial wipes available and I will be observing infection control protocols according to the COVID-19 Infection Control Training I have undergone.

How long are the Past Life Regression sessions?

Initial Session (2 hours) - $195

3 Session Package available on request.

(Includes a meditation to use in between sessions to help hidden aspects to surface and to enhance your Past Life Regression experience).

How many Past Life Regression sessions will I need?

It is ideal to have 2-3 sessions using the supplied meditation for practice between sessions, in order to allow any hidden aspects to surface and to enhance your experience of this fascinating and powerful therapy.

What can I use a Past Life Regression session to heal or resolve?

People have been known to heal health issues such as anxiety, phobias, fears, grief, chronic pain, addictions, relationship issues with partners, children, siblings, work colleagues.

Will I feel the pain from the past life again?

There is no need to re-experience the pain and if you are uncomfortable in any way you can float up and watch the scene from above. You can at any time open your eyes however floating above allows you to remain in state and observe.

How will I remember what I am experiencing during the session?

You will recall all that happens during your session. You will receive access to a recording of the session that you can download and keep.

Do I have to lie down for my session?

No. You can sit in a comfortable chair if you prefer. This is sometimes preferable if you are inclined to fall asleep during the session.

What if I am not a good subject?

Almost anyone will have a significant experience during a past life regression session, even if this is completely new to you. As with everything practice will enhance your experience. I recommend and provide to my Past Life Regression clients a meditation for you to use between sessions in order to prepare you for the session and to enhance your experiences.

What if I don’t see, hear or feel anything?

Every person is unique and therefore will have their own individual experience. As the facilitator I use my mediumship expertise, as well as appropriate questions, to help you to have a significant experience.


Persistent pain that has not responded to medical treatments may relate to events experienced in a past lifetime. Often re-experiencing those events bring gradual or even immediate relief.

Phobias in the present often relate to occurrences in previous lives. A fear of heights may relate to falling to your death off a castle wall in a previous life. Once you understand that your fear relates to what happened in a previous life and not to something that is going to happen in this life, the phobia generally ceases to be an issue anymore.

Relationship issues can be resolved when you understand how past life experiences with souls who are part of your current circle of family, friends, or workmates, may be affecting your relationships.


Did you know that your dreams can be past life fragments? When you dream of living in a country that you have never visited before, perhaps speaking or understanding the language, this may well be a past life regression in the dream state. Keep a pen and notebook by the bed so that you can write down your dream on waking.

We can use a dream you have had as a bridge into that lifetime during your session.

When traveling in a country you have never visited before, you may have déjà vu. This a clue to a past life or lives in this country.

You may have an affinity for a particular culture or an aptitude for a particular language. These may be resonances to that past life.

Have you ever met a person for the first time and felt like you have known them all your life?

Please ring me on 0417627502 or email me at if you would like to book a Past Life Regression session or wish to ask any questions.

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