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These courses have been replaced by my "Making Magic Real" program.
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Course Testimonials

I first learned about Janelle earlier this year at the Mind Body Soul Festival. Out of all the exhibitions at the festival, I felt immediately drawn to Janelle and the many wellness modalities she offered. I booked in with Janelle several weeks later to do an intuitive wellness session.  After just one session with Janelle, I knew I needed to learn more.


I enrolled in Janelle’s Level 1 Intuitive Wellness Course. Six months later I have just completed Janelle’s Level 3 Intuitive Wellness Course and have learned so much. Under Janelle’s master guidance and tutelage, it’s been a glorious journey of learning and discovery.  I’ve learned how to be open to my intuition and to trust it. Janelle’s shown me many simple yet effective wellness and protection techniques, the many blessings that come with deep meditation and discovered the healing power of crystals.


Janelle’s enabled me to open up my senses so that I can speak with loved ones past and to meet a number of my spiritual guides. It’s so beautiful to speak with them and to know that they are always there guiding and protecting me.  I’ve also benefited from Janelle’s use of the flower essences which have greatly facilitated a sense of wellness.


Janelle lovingly and willingly gives of her special gifts and you can’t help but feel blessed. Janelle has guided me to a path that has enabled me to feel empowered, well spiritually and physically and armed with a number of special gifts to help me on my own life path. The last six months has surpassed all my expectations.


For me, Janelle is the real deal, a true wellness warrior. I look forward to continuing on my journey with Janelle as I know she has so much more to offer me. I saw a beautiful phrase a couple of weeks ago that sums up my journey with Janelle:

“ Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, it became a butterfly”   


I would highly recommend Janelle to anyone looking for a life path of spiritual and physical wellness.


Leanne Trotter,  September 2020.

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