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Christmas is such a wonderful time to see family, particularly this year when our movements have been curtailed. Unfortunately for some, this can bring up unresolved family issues or frictions. These can be connected with old beliefs from your experiences growing up, generational beliefs of family members, and even beliefs acquired from ancestors.

In this SUMMER Edition of my newsletter, I am sharing with you some strategies to stay stress-free over Christmas and into the New Year

· Flower Essences for Personal Freedom, to Bring Understanding and Tolerance and to Clear Misunderstandings

· Past Life Regression for Healing Family Rifts and Relationship Issues

· Intuitive Christmas Shopping

· ‘Tis the Season

· Mind Body Spirit Festival


Here are the essences to clear old beliefs and promote compassion and understanding when others get on our nerves or set us off for no apparent reason:

Daggar Hakea – Promotes Forgiveness and Open Expression of Feelings

For people who feel resentment and bitterness and hold grudges against those they have been very close to, for example, family members or old lovers. This resentment is often not openly displayed.

Boab - Personal Freedom by Releasing Family Patterns - This is the most powerful of all the Australian Bush Flower Remedies and has brought about profound change for many who have used it. Boab clears negative family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. It can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs. This essence is greatly beneficial in helping those who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. Boab will also help clear the negative lines of karma between people.

Beech - Brings Understanding and Tolerance - We take this remedy when other people’s idiosyncrasies get on our nerves and we find it hard to tolerate the way they behave or live. Beech alleviates our need to criticise. It is from the group of Bach remedies for those who over-care for the welfare of others.

PansyHelps Those Who Need to Express Their Softer Feminine Side

Pansy helps both men and women express their softer feminine side. It provides hardy resistance for anyone feeling low or vulnerable and to those who are susceptible to frequent viral illnesses. Pansy balances the immune system.

Lunar Cat’s Ear - Clears Past Life Misunderstandings Affecting your Present Relationship – Frequently positions of misunderstanding remain unresolved to return in further lives. Lack of understanding of the other’s point of view, not being able to hear the truth of another and wrongly judging them are common enough dynamics within human relationships. Cat’s Ear will be able to dissolve the boundaries between two individuals, allowing greater understanding of the other’s point of view if the problem is rooted in a previous life relationship.

If you would like to purchase an essence blend to support you, I am able to muscle test as a surrogate; in order to identify the combination of essences the person needs right now. Essences (25ml) are generally taken 7 drops twice a day for 4 weeks. I will muscle test for the optimal dosage.

The cost for muscle testing and the essence is $25 plus postage if required.

The essence blend can be collected from my front door at Jindalee (pay on order).


If you are interested in exploring whether present-day relationship issues you are experiencing, may be rooted in Past Life relationships and wish to book a Past Life Regression or ask any questions, please ring me on 0417 627 502 or email me at

A client of mine, who we will call Mary, was greatly distressed at being estranged from her sister, Anna. After their father passed away, whenever they were together Anna would get very heated about the fact she should have made their father move in with her. Mary couldn’t understand this, as their father had always been very independent and in good health up to his death. What was the point of debating this now after he had passed. It became easier to avoid seeing her sister.

When she came to me for Past Life Regression, she experienced a lifetime where she was again her Father’s daughter, about 15, a fairly well-off family and she saw them celebrating Christmas. When Mary looked across the room, she saw her Aunty, her father’s sister in that lifetime, was her sister Anna in this lifetime. Her Aunty was very close to her Father in that lifetime. It made sense of her sister’s behaviour after his death, in this lifetime. Mary is now able to view her sister’s feelings in this lifetime with understanding and compassion. She now sees Anna often and the subject seldom comes up.

You can read more about the Past Life Regression sessions I offer, including pricing HERE


It has been a joy for me to teach Intuitive Skills Development courses this year from beginner Level 1 to Master Level 3, with some of my students going on to the Mediumship Skill Development which has just wrapped up.

I thought I would give you a few examples of how Christmas Shopping intuitively is working for me this year.

· In September a friend posted on Facebook that she already had her Wayne Dyer desk calendar for 2021 and that she was having a change from her usual Louise Hay Calendar. It prompted me to do a quick Christmas list. I usually get Louise Hay & Wayne Dyer desk calendars for 9 or 10 of my family and friends (not a spoiler as they count of this) from Angus & Robertson but their website would not co-operate for me which made me look at Booktopia which had them even cheaper (perhaps a bit of a spoiler). Coincidences & synchronicities and technical issues that drive me in a better direction, are all a regular part of living intuitively.

· I accidentally clicked on my Jacqui Lawson link in late November and in 5 minutes was able to send beautiful e-cards to all our family and friends. This was not at all on my mind that morning and such a satisfying thing to have done. Working with your intuition is always effortless.

· I have in the past couple of weeks, I haven’t had time for Christmas shopping but have been idly thinking about what to get. Each time I have gone to the bank or supermarket, I have walked past a shop window with the perfect gift I had been thinking of. Last Monday I had the intention to finish my Christmas shopping, which was going to involve visiting 3 or 4 different Shopping Centres and Retailers. I found everything I needed at my local Shopping Centre that day, as attempting to socially distance in the more crowded shopping centre prompted me to walk by different shops. I was spared getting in and out of a hot car. Effortless!

Why not have fun using your intuition at Christmas too, for example, place settings for family lunch or tune in for last-minute gift ideas and see what you stumble across at the shopping centre where and when you least expect to find it.


How ever you are celebrating, is it important to keep your immunity as high as possible.

· Get plenty of good sleep, even if it is a relaxing snooze through the day, after a late night.

· Drink plenty of water. Have a glass of water between festive drinks.

· Remember good hygiene, for yourself and your loved ones.

· Make as many healthy food choices as you can in between the festive overindulgences.

· Thymus tapping to stimulate your immune system.

Here is the link to my Thymus Tap video:


The Mind Body Spirt Festival will be held in July next year and I will be there (in case anyone is expecting to come to the festival in February like every other year).

The Mind Body Spirit Festival dates and my 2021 Course Schedule are available on my website HERE

I have incorporated a handy Event Calendar into my website, so you can plan ahead if you’re considering any of the Intuitive Skills Development or Mediumship Your Way courses in 2021.


My clinic at Jindalee will be closed from 23rd December and will re-open on Monday 4th January 2021. Book now to ensure you are able to get in for your Intuitive Wellness Session to start the year off feeling less stressed, more balanced, and ready for what 2021 has in store.

Wishing you a Safe, Happy, and Healthy Christmas and New Year & Summer.

Warmest wishes


P.S. A reminder that only 2 spots remain for the Intuitive Skills Development course that starts on 17th January 2021. Reply to this email or ring me on 0417 627 502 for more information or to book in.

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