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How can knee pain, headaches, sinus problems, neck pain be linked to bowel health? See Eye Zones ..

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In this second edition of the Empowerment Wellness and Connection newsletter, I will be featuring:-

● Mind Body Spirit Festival 9th to 11th July 2020

● Eye Zones Correction

● SOS Sage and Salt Cleanse Mist

● What’s Lighting Me Up!


I am thrilled to say that I am once again exhibiting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival from Friday the 9th July to Sunday the 11th July.

Come and say hello at stand C49 between 9am and 6 pm. I thoroughly enjoy talking with women about all things Empowerment, Wellness and Connection, and I especially love answering questions about my work and what we can do together to move you closer to your life and wellness goals and aspirations.

Since my first Mind Body Spirit Festival last year, through Intuitive Wellness Sessions, Intuitive Skills Development and Mediumship Skills Development, my clients and students have

  • found their perfect job,

  • healed difficult family relationships,

  • found a deeper understanding of themselves,

  • found happiness and joy in their lives,

  • come to a deeper understanding of others.

It has been such a privilege to be part of their journey.

At my stand, you can also enter your name in the daily Lucky Draw for a 90 minute Intuitive Wellness Session with me (valued at $150).

You might like to take advantage of my Festival special:

A 60 minute Intuitive Wellness Session for just $90.

Your appointment can be either Face to Face or a distance treatment via Zoom.

This special ends 31st July 2021.


The Eye Zones correction is a comprehensive correction unique to Progressive Kinesiology developed from Iridology, Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology.

We acknowledge in Kinesiology that the bowel has significant links to other areas of the body and can cause symptoms from knee pain, headache, sinus problems, neck pain and so forth. While these may start out as niggling problems, when several occur at the same time it may become a cause for concern.

In Iridology the eye has been found to represent the whole body and very detailed maps of these links have been produced. We look for and record any discolouration or patches in the client’s eyes.

In Eye Zones, the eyes are divided into seven zones and assigned a colour, emotions and the organs that relate to that area of the iris. Through muscle testing we balance any Emotional imbalances first then challenge the words “Eye Zones” and pause lock it in if indicated. We test for the eye zone out of balance but before balancing this zone, we balance all the intestinal muscles of Zone 2.

By correcting the problems in the intestines, we help remove excess stress in other areas of the body. We then rebalance the zone that requires balancing, (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7). This is a very complex correction and you will be supported with Flower Essences, tissue salts and nutritional advice, as your body clears the cellular memory.


I am such a fan of the SOS (Spirit of Sage) Mist. I first experienced it in a Kinesiology treatment and since then I use it in treatments to shift emotional baggage, for aura protection and cleansing, and to cleanse the clinic between clients and at day's end. It is perfect for cleansing new homes, motel rooms, hospitals and nursing homes.

Many of my clients use it in their workplaces and homes.

“This mist sends a smoke signal to our Spiritual Helpers that we need some extra help right now. Australian grown Grandfather sage and Tasman Sea Salt clear the way and the Australian grown Lemon Myrtle cleanses our energetic field so that we can better hear, see or feel our guidance.” Karmina Gordon, Elemental Mists -

I sell SOS Mists at my Jindalee clinic - 125 ml $27 and 250ml Mist $38.

You can also buy SOS and many other special mists online at Elemental Mists.


I am thrilled to be reading and listening to Sadhguru’s latest book Karma – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting your Destiny. Deepak Chopra comments “At last a book about Karma that can be trusted. I have never found a book that explains - and solves – the mystery of karma with the simplicity, clarity and hopefulness of this invaluable book”. Most importantly it resonates with me. It is available now in bookstores and online.

Dr Wayne Dyer introduced me to Sadhguru’s Isha Kriya Meditation in 2015 and I have made it a daily practice since then. It is a 14 minute meditation that promises to improve your health in 90 days (45 days, if you meditate to it twice a day). It has worked brilliantly for me. Here is the link

To book an Intuitive Wellness Session or Kinesiology treatment, please call or SMS 0417 627 502 or email me at

Warmest regards


P.S. Here are the ways you can enlist my services and support for your healing journey towards your life and work aspirations:

1. 90 minute Intuitive Wellness Session

Read more and book here.

2. Past Life Regression Package.

Read more and book here

3. Intuitive Skills Development Course (3 levels)

Read more here.

4. Mediumship Development Course

Read more here.

5. Private Mentoring (Read above, reply to this email, or contact me direct on +61 (0)417 627 502)

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