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Rapid Weight Loss to Reset Your Blood Sugar and Rescue Your Health

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

In this edition of my Empowerment Wellness and Connection newsletter (#4) I will be featuring:-

● My New Course, Making Magic Real

● Rapid Weight Loss to Reset Your Blood Sugar and Rescue Your Health

● Automatic Writing

● What’s Lighting Me Up!

See me at Stand C49 at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th April.

Click on this tile or paste my Exhibitor link into your browser, to learn more


I am thrilled to be launching my new course at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 2022.

“Making Magic Real – Open Your Awareness, Expand Your Consciousness, Live in Bliss” is a three-month immersive journey to find the answers to achieving the Energetic Body, Youthful Spirit and Timeless Mind that allow the magic to flow.

This is not a course. It’s an intimate (small group only) and practical experience that will guide you to become the master of your own life and destiny, allowing you to Open Your Awareness, Expand Your Consciousness and Live in Bliss.

What you get:

One 4-hour workshop a month to introduce your new practices, followed by weekly online support calls to solidify and troubleshoot them.

Imagine a life where adversities are a thing of the past, and where magic and synchronicities guide you to everything you dream of, Blissfully.

See me at Stand C49 at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 22-24 April or email me for more information.


In 8 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, I have achieved what feels like a miraculous weight loss. In a perfect storm of injuring my left hand quite badly, receiving worrying blood sugar and liver function test results, receiving some great advice from my Naturopath Debbie Leigh and watching Dr Michael Mosley’s series Australia’s Health Revolution (available to watch on SBS Catch Up TV), I have lost 14kgs and no longer need to take blood pressure medication. I also bought The Fast 800 Keto book by Michael Mosley. There is a wealth of support available at

I was amazed to find that within a day of starting the diet, I was not hungry, something I had been told about the Keto diet but could not believe without experiencing it. I adopted a very liver-friendly version of the Keto diet avoiding all processed meats and eating lots of salmon, eggs, and mushrooms, some chicken and steak once a week. I stuck to good fats such as avocado, olive oil and some butter with a little low-carb cheese for a treat. I ate lots and lots of leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables raw and cooked.

I was supported by the following Flower Essences throughout the diet to ensure that I now felt safe to let go of and release the excess weight:-

Aspen – to face fears that have no basis

Cherry Plum – renewed confidence and sense of safety

Bauhinia – for gut health and open-mindedness

Star of Bethlehem – for consolation for past hurts even if the event is long past

Peach Flowered Tea-Tree – empowers you to take responsibility for your own health and balances the pancreas

If you are taking prescription medication, see your GP before starting this diet as the rapid weight loss is likely to change the level of prescribed medication required. It is also lovely to share your progress with your doctor.

By the end of the 8-week diet, I no longer required blood pressure medication which I had been taking since a particularly stressful stage in my life in 2003. My GP is making me wait until May to repeat my blood tests. Funnily enough, he said there was no point re-doing them now as the results would be good.

I am now in Stage 2 of the diet which is a transition to intermittent fasting Monday to Thursday and a more relaxed approach to my diet Friday to Sunday. I am keen to share the discoveries I made along the way and am making, as I transition to maintaining this weight loss lifelong.

Email me at if you would like to receive this information sheet.


Automatic writing is a wonderful way to connect to your Intuition/Higher Self for guidance and inspiration. There is no right or wrong way to do your auto writing. You do need to be comfortable and in a relaxing space where you will not be interrupted. It works equally well whether you like to write in longhand or type using your computer or laptop. You may find writing after meditation most effective, or you could use Heart-Brain Coherence (hands over heart and feeling appreciation and gratitude) to find your relaxed space for automatic writing at any time of the day.

You can set the intention that you would like to receive a message or guidance, or just put pen to paper or your fingers on the keyboard and see what comes. Write anything that pops into your head. It may be one word, a picture, a phrase, a saying, and notice also if you are ‘feeling’ the message. Do not be concerned if it does not make any sense to you, jot it down anyway. If you feel like it is just your imagination that is okay too, keep writing. Remember that this is a powerful way to receive inspiration. Have fun choosing how and where to practice your auto-writing and gradually find the way that works best for you.

Auto writing continues to be an amazing support in my life. I do my auto writing after meditation in the morning generally. In my mind, I take myself to one of the special places that I visited overseas, Hofn in Iceland and Copenhagen in Denmark. I connect with my guides and loved ones in spirit. I often receive inspiration for my work, guidance to connect with a particular friend or family member, advice on my health and well-being, and support in general. I find that friends and family who have passed on, can often connect through my guides quite quickly after they pass. Their messages are of love for and continued connection to friends and family still living, apologies for things they did or didn’t do, the ease of passing into the non-physical, and thanks for the care they received on this side.


Synchronicities and Coincidences - The Language of the Universe

The synchronicities and coincidences that show up for me daily represent astounding love and support for me living day to day. The unfolding of my dreams and desires, bringing the right people, opportunities to me in right timing confirms time and again how life unfolds easily and effortlessly when you relax and go with the divine timing of the Universe.

Keeping the evidence by writing down/recording synchronicities and coincidences as they occur, will bring even more into your daily life. It is the evidence of how perfectly supported you are.

To book an Intuitive Wellness Session or Kinesiology treatment, please call or SMS 0417 627 502 or email me at

Warmest regards


P.S. Here are the ways you can enlist my services and support for your healing journey toward your life and work aspirations:

1. 90-minute Intuitive Wellness Session

Read more and book here.

2. Past Life Regression Package.

Read more and book here

3. Private Mentoring (Read above, reply to this email, or contact me directly on +61 (0)417 627 502)

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