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We’re certainly feeling the onset of winter this week with the sudden temperature drop of the past few days, aren’t we?

I trust you are staying warm and remembering your Thymus Tapping to support your immune system, especially as we move into the change of seasons and sometimes experience the effects in the form of a cold or other ‘winter ailments’. Of course, this year, we have the added concern of COVID-19, so it is more important than ever that we remain dedicated to supporting our health and wellbeing.

In this Winter Edition of my newsletter, I’m sharing with you

· How to deal with stresses that come up on returning to work

· Flower Essences to alleviate stress and boost immunity

· My new Intuitive Skills Development course


For many of you, I suspect the start of Winter will also coincide with your making a partial for full return to your workplace as the COVID-19 restrictions ease.

This will not be like returning from holidays. You will be returning from homeschooling, isolation from your family and support networks, and technological stresses of working from home, to a very different workplace with the extra cognitive load of new requirements and social distancing.

This added strain is likely to bring up deep-seated stresses and it is important to realise they are coming up for a reason.

A kinesiology balance is the perfect way to identify these stresses and then release them from your body.

One of the most effective corrections I perform in my clinic is the Five Elements correction.

The Five Elements correction is a comprehensive process for identifying the root cause of your stress.

I would like to share an example of a client whose Five Element correction pointed to the deep-seated emotion “Grief” affecting their Large Intestine meridian in the Metal element.

Superficially it seemed to be grief over workplace changes, loss of impetus with projects they were working on, reduction of hours of work and working from home.

Muscle testing confirmed that there was an age relevance at age 5 and the Inner Child correction was needed.

Counselling and Flower Essences to clear their grief at this age was required.

Large Intestine meridian tracing ensured that energy was now flowing around the body and they re-tested all clear at age 5.

When the client returned to their present age, muscle testing identified ongoing supports they could use to maintain their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Flower Essence blends provide effective ongoing support for stress and immunity, which you might like to consider on returning to the workplace.

Personalised Flower Essence Space Clearing Mists are also highly effective at improving the energy in stressful workplaces.

My clients have experienced transformations to the workplace environment using a Mist combining Australian Bush Remedies such as Boab for clearing negative karmic connections, Fringed Violet for removal of effects of recent or old distressing events, Angelsword to release negative energy and Lichen to assist with processing major changes.

Surrounding yourself with White Light and pushing it outward until it forms a large egg shape around you, supports a healthy Aura and expands your presence in the workplace.

The Zip Up technique - Sweeping the energy up in front of your body along the Central Meridian (from top of pubic bone to bottom lip) 5 times will balance your Brain energy, bring clarity and support good decision making.

Here’s a link to a video showing you how to perform the Zip UP technique HERE

Flower essences that boost immunity are:

Pansy – English Fairy Essence – Balances the immune system, promotes hardy resistance

Fringed Violet – Australian Bush Essence – Removes effects of recent or old trauma

Crab Apple – English Bach Essence – Promotes self-acceptance and a feeling of having been cleansed

Black Eyed Susan – Australian Bush Essence – Enables you to slow down and find calmness and inner guidance

Paw Paw – Australian Bush Essence – Calmness, clarity and access to higher self for problem solving

Body Symptoms Relief - New Millennium Essence – Provides relief from physical symptoms in the body.

Garlic – North American Essence – Gives a sense of wholeness which imparts strength and active resistance.

Beech – English Bach Essence - Promotes understanding and tolerance

Olive – English Bach Essence – Restores energy; promotes the awareness that we need to rest and we are better able to do so.

Oak – English Bach Essence - Restores energy and helps awareness of the need to rest and recuperate


For the past few weeks I have been facilitating the inaugural round of my Intuitive Skills Development course, and it has been a wonderful co-creative process with my students:

· identifying the unique way in which their intuition speaks to them,

· learning how to cleanse and protect their aura, and using the power of synchronicities in their lives while they hone and practice their intuitive skills.

Witnessing their progress during our weekly support calls and seeing them increase their confidence in their skills and beginning to trust in living intuitively has been most rewarding for me!

If you would like to join the next Intuitive Skills Development Course or know more about the course you can find some information HERE

Intuitive Skills Course is limited to 4 people only to ensure that you get individual attention and precise knowledge needed to deeply connect to your intuitive gifts.

This is not a ‘surface-level’ course and even if you have never worked with intuition, your gifts will become activated and you will begin to live intuitively as well as open your ability to start to practice your gifts with others (Level 2 of the course is where you learn to take the steps towards this expansion).

The next round of the Intuitive Skills Development course begins as soon as we have 4 people enrolled.

Please ring me on 0417627502 if you would like to talk about it in person or reply to this email if you have any further questions.


To help those affected financially by the COVID-19 restrictions, I will continue to offer the option of a 30-minute session for $45.

These can be either a surrogate, online or face to face treatment (from the 8th June). I am offering this special option until 31st July.

I am still offering full-length treatments for those who want to continue their wellness journey in earnest.

Ring 0417627502 or email to book.


Coronavirus/COVID-19 is really encouraging us to focus on the need for good self-care and hygiene practices.

Good sleep, good food and good water allows your body to rest and repair.

Avoid “burning the candle at both ends”.

Fresh vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables build our resistance against infections and colds and are anti-stress.

And remember the Thymus Tapping Technique HERE

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