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How do Surrogate Treatments work?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Surrogate treatments allow the Practitioner to treat a person when they may not be able to test the person directly, for example if they are babies or young children, too weak, or incapacitated. In much the same way as an electrical current travels along a wire, so too can the body’s energy be transferred to another person.

A surrogate is someone who “stands in place of” the person that the Practitioner is unable to test, and who is willing to be muscle tested on their behalf. A mother may “stand in place of” a baby or young child. The usual prechecks are done to ensure that the surrogate is balanced first, before commencing the treatment.

When I am carrying out a surrogate treatment in my clinic for you, specifically, I become the surrogate for you in your physical absence.

I use a hair sample to tap into the absent person’s energy.

A hair sample that includes the roots of the hairs is collected from you and put in an envelope.

Adult hair is a record of their past three years' health, including your current health status. As children are still growing rapidly, their hair is a record of the last three months' health.

I collect the hair sample by you dropping it off to me or posting it to my clinic.

I then act as surrogate using the hair sample to “connect to” your energy.

I take a medical history – if this is your first treatment– as well as details of issues needing attention.

When I act as a surrogate for a client unable to attend the treatment in person, I place the hair sample envelope over the area of my navel (sticky taping it on to my clothing or tucking it into my belt). The navel is an area where we received sustenance from our mother and energetically is where we best connect with the energy from the client’s hair sample.

The treatment progresses in the same way it would in the clinic:

· Prechecks are done to ensure the client is balanced.

· I test for the type of treatment required, the Finger Mode possibilities (Electrical, Emotional, Chemical, Structural) that the client requires, and I carry out the corrections as I go.

· Chakras can be balanced.

· If a Flower Essence comes up, I take 2 drops of the Stock Strength Essence. The dosage strength Essence can be collected from my clinic or posted to them.

As the surrogate, I am able to carry out most Structural corrections or use an alternative correction to balance the client. I test for ongoing lifestyle changes and self-care that will help to keep the client balanced post-treatment.

A detailed outline of the treatment is provided to the client by email.

The surrogate treatment can be used for interstate and overseas clients and is as effective as an ‘in clinic’ treatment.


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