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Spring is here. While we are limited to Queensland at present, what perfect weather to get out in nature and perhaps head to some new destinations or some old favourites. We recently stayed two nights at Coolum Beach (a birthday gift from my daughter). My husband Gordon and I enjoyed it so much and we both came home feeling refreshed in every way. So good for mind, body and spirit.

In this SPRING Edition of my newsletter, I am sharing with you

· Creativity – New projects, new life, doing those things you always wanted to do.

· Flower Essences to help us think outside the square.

· Support for Healthcare worker burnout.

· Intuitive Skills Development is just like 1,2,3


A lot of creativity has flowed due to COVID-19 restrictions this year. I admire the manufacturers who had been able to quickly change to providing personal protective equipment, sanitisers, etc. During our stay-at-home phase, many of us had opportunity to think about what we really want; to move, a career change, retirement, perhaps finally doing that thing you have always wanted to do.

A client of mine along with her husband asked themselves why they were waiting to see a particular number on their superannuation balances, when they really wanted to be caravanning & exploring Australia from a home base in Western Australia, near to their children and grandchildren. They have bought their house south of Perth, sold their house here, and set off with the caravan in tow this weekend. Embracing the adventure. They are relishing the reality of being able to help with and watch the grandchildren grow up. My client said to me, “I don’t know what you have done to me Janelle but I have been able to make all these big decisions with ease and have been able to take the selling of our house and excess belongings all in stride. My old self would have been too stressed to make these decisions to change for the better and follow our dreams.


Whether you are aware of it or not, you need creativity to make positive changes in your life and pursue your dreams. Here are some very supportive and beneficial essences that will help.

Turkey Bush – For that creative ‘flash’ - Turkey Bush clears creative blocks and disbelief in one’s own creative abilities. It inspires creativity, creative expression, focus and renews artistic confidence. It is for the beginner and the experienced artist.

Creativity is required when making any changes in our life. We need to be able to see our future and tap into how those changes are going to feel.

Red Grevillia – Promotes Independence & Boldness - Red Grevillia alleviates oversensitivity to criticism and being too reliant on others. Red Grevillia is for people who feel stuck. It is a catalyst for those who know what they want to achieve but do not know how to go about it. It promotes independence and boldness.

Many people won’t make a move unless everyone around them approves of their plan, keeping them stuck living other peoples’ reality.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree – Ability to complete projects – Peach Flowered Tea Tree is for those who get enthusiastic then for no apparent reason lose that enthusiasm, for those who do not ‘follow-through’. It helps develop stability, consistency, drive and commitment

Paw PawActivates intuitive processes to provide solutions – Paw Paw is for assimilation and integration of new ideas and information. It brings calmness, clarity, and access to one’s higher self for problem-solving.

Learning how to understand and trust how our Intuition “talks” to us makes change a joyful and exciting experience. Recording coincidences and synchronicities (this is how the Universe communicates with us) soon makes us realise how supported we are and nudges us in the direction of our inspirations and desires.

Yerba Santa – Frees the Human Heart to Experience the World – Yerba Santa clears deep sadness and grief, such as the loss of a beloved friend or parent early in life. It frees the human heart to experience the world with renewed emotional presence.

If you would like to purchase an essence blend to support you, I am able to muscle test as a surrogate; in order to identify the combination of essences the person needs right now. Essences (25ml) are generally taken 7 drops twice a day for 4 weeks. I will muscle test for the optimal dosage.

The cost for muscle testing and the essence is $25 plus postage if required.

The essence blend can be collected from my front door at Jindalee (pay on order).


Since February you have needed to cope with constantly changing conditions in the workplace and/or working from home, restrictions getting to and from work on public transport and using lifts, physical distancing changing safety measures, shortages of personal protective equipment from time to time and more. This added to other duties caring for children, parents, and extended family can be overwhelming.

How do you avoid burnout and keep your immune system strong?

  • Good sleep is so important. If you don’t work shift work, go to bed at the same time each night and don’t use blue screens (iPad, phone, handheld electronic games) for two hours before bedtime.

  • No caffeine drinks after the late afternoon.

  • Please, please, please do not sleep with the phone by your bed (ideally it should be silently charging in the kitchen or ensuite bathroom). It is adding electromagnetic stress to your already stressed self.

  • Endeavour to stand in bright sunshine shine without sunglasses for a short while morning and afternoon, to keep your Pineal Gland balanced. The Pineal Gland is the light-sensitive gland. It produces melatonin to help you feel sleepy. Consume foods rich in melatonin such as banana, pineapple and oranges. Melatonin is also found in wine!

  • Try to stick to a good diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. When choosing a takeaway, choose the healthiest options.

  • Have a good friend (ideally away from your work) who you can talk to.

  • Meditation even for 5 or 10 minutes can bring you back into balance. When your mind is racing with all you need to do, I find a short guided meditation is best (15 -20 minutes) as you can bring yourself back to the recording.

Two effective techniques that you can do to lower your stress and boost your immunity are the Heart-Brain Coherence Technique and the Thymus Tap technique. You can easily do these during your workday. The video links are below:-

Over several sessions, we have been working toward strengthening her body-mind (as mind & body cannot be separated) and give her resilience to deal with changes at work. We have done this by healing emotional events from childhood (called Age Relevance), balancing Neurotransmitters, eliminating Electromagnetic Stress (she no longer sleeps with her phone by the bed). Integrating positive affirmations using Louise Hay’s mirror work has been amazingly effective and takes only a couple of minutes morning and evening. Global testing revealed the need to balance her Pineal Gland (bringing about better sleep). She now has techniques that she can use between sessions to remain balanced and her work stress is greatly reduced. She now feels ready to address some other personal goals.

I invite you to book a Kinesiology or Intuitive Wellness Session that includes an Overall Burnout Assessment to assess and quantify where you are at and plan a program to work on it over 6 monthly sessions and track your progress. You will receive simple, achievable self-help techniques to use between sessions that you will be able to use for a lifetime.

Please book in sooner rather than later. I recommend regular monthly maintenance for health care workers so they can maintain their high standard to care for their clients without it affecting their physical and emotional wellbeing & relationships, in the short and longer-term.

BOOK YOUR SESSION including your Overall Burnout Assessment by ringing/texting 0417 627 502 or via my website www.


The inaugural Level 2 Intuitive Skills Development course which finished recently saw one of the participants for whom Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) was a minor Clair, finish off the course by connecting with her mum firstly by watching old musicals together as they did when she was growing up. Mum called her by her childhood nickname and they enjoyed a good chat. It was a beautiful experience. In the background, there was a quiet male voice whispering to her and then whistling a beautiful melodic tune. She as unsure who this may have been but will feel into the possibilities during meditation and auto writing (which I teach as part of Level 1.

The Level 3 Intuitive Skills Development commenced last Saturday with a 4-hour workshop at my Jindalee clinic. In Level 3 we are transitioning from Intuitive Skills into developing our mediumship abilities.

We introduced new techniques to add to our daily meditations, practiced Aura reading and Psychometry. Psychometry is reading the energy of an object. You will usually get information on the history of the object which may be smells, emotions, sounds and any of the other senses associated with memories and feelings(using all your ‘Clairs’). The object will have its own history and will also give you an idea of the history of its owner. Participants were able to ‘read’ the energy the four objects used and gain information that was accurate and helpful. What a wonderful start to their Level 3 training!

The next Level 1 & Level 2 Intuitive Skills Development courses will be starting soon. For more information on all of these courses, click on the links below:-

Level 1 Intuitive Skills Development Course

Level 2 Intuitive Skills Development Course

Level 3 Intuitive Skills Development Course

Please ring me on 0417627502 if you would like to discuss the Intuitive Skills Development courses in person or email me at if you have any further questions.


Coronavirus/COVID-19 is really encouraging us to focus on the need for good self-care and hygiene practices.

Good sleep, good food and good water allows your body to rest and repair.

Avoid “burning the candle at both ends”.

Fresh vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables build our resistance against infections and colds and are anti-stress.

And remember the Thymus Tapping Technique

Warm regards


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