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How Past Life Regression Improves your Health and Well Being

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

The Many Lives, Many Masters Workshop in Melbourne with Dr Brian Weiss was amazing. So valuable. Past Life Regression is very effective in reducing chronic pain, emotional blocks and improving well being generally. The process is extremely relaxing and healing.

Chronic pain in a particular area of the body, that has not responded to medical treatment and other therapies, is sometimes linked to an injury or illness experienced in a past life. When the person regresses to that lifetime, seeing what happened, understanding the circumstances and bringing that understanding forward to the present time, their chronic pain is often reduced or goes away entirely. The book “Many Lives, Many Masters” about Dr Weiss and his patient Catherine, illustrates these benefits.

Emotional issues in your present life can be understood and cleared by regressing to a previous lifetime/s where you may have had similar experiences or relationships. You may recognise souls with whom you share this lifetime.

After the regression you will recall all that you have seen, heard, experienced. It is a completely comfortable and energising experience.

Past Life Regressions can be done within the longer Intuitive Wellness Sessions that I offer. The process involves a combination of Dr Weiss’s techniques, Past Life Flower Essences (that I also use in Progressive Kinesiolgy Treatments) and connection with Spirit.

Recommended Reading

“Miracles Happen” by Dr Brian Weiss and Amy E Weiss

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