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I am sharing some timely advice and techniques for you to use, to stay well and vital this Autumn and into Winter.

Keeping your immune system balanced is always important particularly heading into the cooler months.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is really focusing us on the need for good self-care and hygiene practices. Good sleep, good food and good water allows your body to rest and repair, avoid “burning the candle at both ends”. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables – preferably fresh and organic – build our resistance against infections and colds and are anti-stress.

If your fruit and veges are not organic, washing them in water to which you have added some Apple Cider Vinegar, is almost good.

The Thymus Technique is simple and easy to do. Use it to boost immune system energy, anywhere anytime, as a preventative and/or until your symptoms are gone. Tapping 30 times over your Thymus Gland (centre of your chest, above your heart) lightly with your fingertips will stimulate your thymus energy and boost your immune system. You can repeat this frequently until your symptoms are gone. For a demonstration of the technique click HERE

Heart Brain Coherence shifts you out of Stress/Fight of Flight and into Balance/Healing & Growing Mode.

1. Place your hands over your heart or fingertips on your breast bone, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

2. Think of someone or something (a person or a pet or an experience) that you are grateful for and that you appreciate.

3. Take a few slow and deep breaths, feeling gratitude and appreciation. Heart Brain Coherence switches your immune system back on, so that your heart, brain and body can work together improving your emotions, health, vitality and well-being.

For a Demonstration click HERE

Dog Rose to alleviate feelings of fear.

Grey Spider Flower to alleviate feelings of terror.

These can be ordered from me and are $15 excluding postage. Email or phone me.

Intuitive Skills Development

My Intuitive Skills Development workshops are designed to help you develop your intuitive skills so that you can put them to good use either for your own personal growth or to take them out into the world through your work and make a difference in people’s lives.

There are 3 levels to studying Intuitive Skills Development with me.

I “structure” my workshops using accurate, real-time information because we are working with SPIRIT, so the workshops are very tailored to individual skill levels and what you want to achieve with developing yourself as an intuitive.

Here’s an idea of what we cover in the Level One workshop:

- Identify the unique way in which your intuition speaks to you (you may already know this, in which case we’ll build on that, and if not, you will gain a clear understanding of your intuitive abilities).

- Get clear on how to know when it’s your intuition and when it’s your fear (and how fear stops you from hearing your intuition).

- Learn tools to open up your connection strongly and get you using your intuitive skills confidently

Workshops are limited to 4 people only so that you receive ample one-on-one training time with me in order to get the precise knowledge you need to harness your intuitive gifts.

The investment is $ 379.

Developing my intuitive skills has benefited my greatly. When I became a Kinesiologist, I had no idea of the adventure ahead to me. “Knowing” absolutely which additional modality, course, book, and technique was right for me, has fast tracked my development in such a satisfying way.

It is a great joy to have such clear ‘Knowing’. The peace of mind that this ‘Knowing’ has given me cannot be compared to anything that anyone outside of me has been able to offer!

If you are interested in enrolling for the Level One Intuitive Skills Development workshop, please reply to this email and once I have 4 people we will lock in a date to get started.

If you believe your intuitive skills are beyond Level One, consider a private class with me. Email me to let me know and we’ll arrange a telephone chat so that we can discuss your skill level and how I can help.


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