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People who age well, have 7 things in common:-

1. Meditation

2. Have wide social support from Family, Friends and Community Groups

3. Close emotional familial relationships and friendships

4. Take a Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Daily

5. Have good sleep alternating with daily activity

6. Lifelong Curiosity

7. Willingness to undertake new Challenges

Only one thing in the list, taking a Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, is tangible. Everything else is about quality of life.

At the opposite extreme, people who don’t age well suffer a poor quality of life. They have:-

· Sedentary lifestyle

· Become Isolated

· Fall into routine habitual behaviour

· Hold negative beliefs

· Sleep badly

· Eat a poor diet

· Take little interest in new things

Meditation is the most powerful anti-ageing technique because it establishes awareness at the level of an Ageless Body and Timeless Mind. Awareness never ages. It transcends time and when we expand our awareness, we transcend time too. (Deepak Chopra)

Energize Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit 21 Day Meditation Experience Available

This is an amazing meditation series for increasing your energy, improving your physical and mental wellbeing, and winding back your ageing.

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